“APO cares…APO shares”

This annual blood-letting drive, ably chaired by Bros. Michael Shame Miranda and Eric Aralar, both Registered Nurses, in association with LifeStream has drawn volunteers from the families and members of Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Greater Los Angeles or APOGLA. The over 50 regular volunteers who sign up to donate their blood, undergo a screening procedure to assess whether they are fit to do so. These include brethren from the Scouts Royal Brotherhood USA Alumni Association or (SRBUSA AA), brothers who joined in high school. A few volunteers are denied for reasons including high blood pressure, excessive fatigue, too short period from the last blood donation. Typically, blood donated gets renewed in the body every 90 days, which is why a donor is encouraged to donate every 90 days. 

Our partner, LifeStream is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) comprehensive blood center, founded in 1951, and serving more than 70 medical facilities throughout Southern California. According to Life Stream, there are more than 500 donations of lifesaving blood that are needed each day to meet emergency and ongoing patient needs in Southern California. In fact, every 3 to 4 seconds daily, someone will need a blood transfusion, which is why multiple blood drives are held daily at business sites, churches, government agencies, high schools, colleges and civic organizations to replenish this life-saving commodity.

As part of APO-GLA’s commitment to community service, it has consistently participated in this annual blood drive, knowing full well that this simple act of donating blood, will somehow save someone’s life. And the service project chairs have aptly named this blood drive as, “APO cares…APO shares”, because in the end, the life you save may be your own.