The long Memorial Day weekend serves as the backdrop for the annual APOGLA camping, the most anticipated outdoor event of the year and attended by close to 150 campers of all ages. Depending on the campsite, APOGLA brethren, families and friends start to descend on Friday, pitching their tents and preparing for a 4-day excursion up in the mountains. It is a 4-day fellowship among the APOGLA family and their friends and a time to commune with Mother Nature and all its beauty.

Most of the time, the camping is held at the Silver Lake camp grounds because the site accommodates a lot of campers. Whole day activities include: Volleyball, Chess and “Pulutan cooking” competitions, Bingo, tug-of-war and lots of kids games. Awarding of the day games and competitions are held on Saturday night and emceed by the usual witty Bro. Bobet Lara. Non-stop dance music and karaoke hits are played way into the night and early morning, unless the US Rangers “requests” the group to shut-down or pack up.

Reservations for the camp site are done 6-8 months in advance, as these camp grounds are a favorite site for campers. Braving freezing weather and occasional rain has posed no hindrance to the APOGLA campers, as everyone comes prepared with winter clothes, heavy blankets and airbeds. Even after an exhaustive weekend, all the campers return home, energized and looking forward to the next camping date.