With Mayon Volcano as the backdrop, the 27th APO National Biennial Convention was underway. A pre-convention medical/dental service, coordinated by ACNA officers, was held on May 22. It benefitted numerous local Legazp  residents and also kept our biyaherong brods’ and sisters’ schedule full to the max. As the convention officially opened on the 23rd, APOGLA representives all rode in a tarpauline-clad van and participated in the convention motorcade kick-off.

The next day was when our “Pakain to Volunteers” took place. Some 100 packed lunch were delivered to the Convention Chairman, Brother Dodgie, for immediate distribution. As we were grateful for all the work they did, so were they for the thoughtfulness of our gesture. Later that day, Bro. Egay, hosted a scrumptious dinner for us. Thanks Bro. for opening our palates to authentic Bicol cuisine. Back at the convention site, we were awarded a Certification of Appreciation as donors of Typhoon Habagat Relief Efforts.

Saturday began with anticipation on the election process. All candidates had a chance to make themselves known before the attendees and election commenced. A painstaking manual counting of the ballots took over several gruelling hours and the rest is history. Congratulations to the new set of National Officers. APOGLAians on Sunday went on to different destinations. Some had gone home to families, some headed to Naga, where we visited Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Toti’s mother in his ancestral home, and the grave site of Bro. Jesse Robredo.