The most sought after event on the APO calendar is APOGLA’s December Affair. Held at or around the date of our founding anniversary on December 16, the December Affair has always been a well attended affair, oftentimes exceeding expectations, singularly due to APOGLA’s brand of fellowship. The occasion also marks the turnover of the reins of the Organization to the incoming Leadership, the announcement of the Librado I. Ureta awardee and the awarding of scholarship grants to deserving APO kids scholars.

Performances rendered by individuals and groups are always being raved about, such as Bro. Lito Tarculas’ mimicking Psy in “Gangnam Style”, the APO Sorority Ladies version of a Broadway musical and even the APO kids performing a guitar medley. After all the formalities have been completed, it’s the all-night dancing and gyrating to the music of the guest DJ and the several line dances led by the guest DI’s.
The after-party party continues at the Hospitality Suite with non-stop fellowship into the wee hours of the morning.

After the party finally finishes at around 4-5 am, everyone then settles in their own hotel rooms. After a few hours of sleep, the party resumes with a going-away breakfast near the hotel where the affair was held. And so, we are looking forward to see each and everyone again next year, when everyone lets their hair down and parties like there is no tomorrow.