What better way to enjoy a beautiful August day than to have a family picnic/general membership meeting on August 17, 2013 at the Shadow Oak Park in West Covina, chaired by spouses, Bro. Domel and “utusan ng chairman”, Sis. Jen Evangelista. It was another gathering filled with fun, fellowship and food -and LOTS of it! A variety of food from adobo, balut, grilled fish, hopia, biko, spaghetti, seaweed salad, pinapaitan and dinuguan kept us filled and there was still more leftover food to-go.

There were over 60 members plus their families in attendance. Even Bro. Jeff Schwartz (APO USA) was present. Children frolicked in the Bouncy Castle and participated in games including piñata. Some played tennis and volleyball, or simply ran around the vast greenery of the park.

With lots of distractions going around come the short attention spans. Yes! Having a meeting in the park definitely has its challenges. On the contrary, this meeting turned out to be one of the record-breaking swiftest meeting we have ever had, clocking in at 50 minutes. Maybe it was the eagerness to fellowship or the food waiting at the tables or the herbs of Ka Ferdie? Nakinig nga ba sila? Whatever it was, it worked! We had plenty of time for play and..... for people who still were not content, Bro. Jobee’s house provided the after-hours venue. More juice please...