Over two hundred brothers and sisters, including pledgees and neophytes from as far as Santa Barbara to San Diego, comprising seven campuses in Southern California, answering the call to service,  converged at the LA Food Bank facility in the City of Vernon on October 19, 2013 at 8:00 am and together with 28 alumni members of APO (Philippines) of Greater Los Angeles (APOGLA), sorted, packed and processed canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, toiletries and other basic human necessities onto conveyors, crates, pallets and huge boxes, to be distributed to schools in depressed and less-privileged areas in and around Los Angeles. This joint project of APO (Philippines) and APO USA was unprecedented and truly a sight to behold.

The collegiate chapters who volunteered their services were from UCLA (Chi Chapter), USC (Alpha Kappa Chapter), Cal State LA (Lambda Mu Chapter), Cal State San Diego (Alpha Delta Chapter) Cal State Long Beach (Rho Gamma Chapter), UC Irvine (Rho Rho Chapter) and University of Santa Barbara (Psi Chapter).
It must have been strenuous, tiresome and backbreaking for everyone who participated in this 4-hour non-stop manual labor, but for all the participants, rendering service for humanity was worth all the time and labor and exemplified the guiding principles of Alpha Phi Omega of LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE.

The long day was culminated with a Filipino lunch provided by APOGLA, which spearheaded the project under the able leadership of President Sis. Melody Ang-Gayon and project chairmen, Bros. Roehl Reyes and Rhoderick Aralar. At the end of the fellowship, everyone rose, joined in offering a Thanksgiving prayer in the customary circular formation, clasped hands and lifted their voices in singing the APO Toast Song. This will certainly be the first of many more joint projects in the future. It was truly a great day to be a member of Alpha Phi Omega.