Halloween is especially a time for the kids and the young alike, strutting around in their costumes and going from house to house trick or treating. Tagging along to make sure that the children are safe are usually their parents or an elder sibling. APOGLA has long made Halloween an event focused mainly on the family and the fun and merriment associated with it. Surprisingly, the adults outdid the younger generation in their outlandish costumes, one came as an Arabian sheikh and yet another arrived in a full Roman gladiator’s outfit. A sorority sister fittingly came as an Egyptian princess, which emphasized her exemplary beauty. Two other sisters came as M & M chocolates.

Typically held after the elections for the new set of officers, the Halloween celebrations double as victory parties for those who won. But the main reason for the celebrations is APOGLA’s on the family as the primordial social unit and the center of the Organization’s structure.