Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Greater Los Angeles or APOGLA has already been a perennial fixture of Los Angeles Marathon every year. Previously known as the LA Marathon, it has acquired different names depending on the sponsors. For a few years, it became known as the Honda/ LA Marathon. Currently, it is being sponsored by ASICS, a large sportswear company, hence it is known as ASICS/ LA Marathon. What has been constant, though, is APOGLA’s participation. Amazingly, APOGLA has been 26 going on 27 years in service partnership with the prestigious L.A. Marathon organizers, as it has always been accredited year after year.

The APOGLA family have shown once again their service commitment when they volunteered their valuable time and effort as part of the Logistics support for the Marathon, typically held in the month of March. APOGLA members have been perennially assigned at Water Station No. 13, located along Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA to provide support to the runners. Run under mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures, there were a few years when rains would soak the participants and volunteers, amid freezing temperatures.

It is always interesting to watch different runners coming from various countries, and who participate in this prestigious event for a variety of reasons. Some joined this race for fun, others have dedicated their participation in memory of their loved ones, a few more to gain a life experience, which include a lot of collegiate students, while professional runners are determined to win the title and the honor that goes with the lofty prize. For several years, runners from African countries and the Saharan sub-continent have dominated the sport. Whoever wins though, APOGLA will be there, religiously manning Station 13, until every single participant has passed through.