Thanksgiving, normally, is that time of the year when we reflect at all the blessings that we have received throughout the year that have made as stronger and better persons. Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Greater Los Angeles (APOGLA) have 33 reasons to be thankful. 33 years ago saw the birth of the Organization as the first Alumni Association in California. With a paltry of charter members, they painstakingly built the Organization from scratch, laying brick upon brick, until 33 years later, APOGLA has become the Organization that others wish to follow.

Over the years, the membership roster has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, the Organizations boasts of more than 200 paid and unpaid, active, semi-active and inactive members, not to mention their familial members. APOGLA had weathered all the storms and trials that a new organization goes through. And now, it stands unparalleled in its quest to reach for the sky.

Through it all, we give thanks to each and every member who put in their fair share in keeping this Organization strong and dynamic. We also give thanks to the Leadership, who has guided us on the path to growth and stability year after year. The Organization has truly been blessed with having the best and the brightest as our leaders, through good times and in bad, but never wavering in their duties.

As we now pay it forward to the community we serve, we pray for Divine Strength and Wisdom to allow us to continue to adhere to our guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.