1. What is TOFASS?

TOFASS is the search for The Outstanding Filipino American Senior Students –
a flagship project of Alpha Phi Omega of Greater Los Angeles (APOGLA), the objective and mission are:

  • To recognize and award outstanding senior students of Filipino-American descent for their academic and scholastic achievements so that they could serve as role models for other young people to emulate.
  • To provide scholarship grants to assist college-bound students, especially those who are financially challenged, to help them in a little way in their transition to college.

2. Who is APOGLA?

Please refer to APOGLA’s main portal (Background, History, Projects, etc.) for a
general understanding of our history and our mission and vision.

3. Why is APOGLA spearheading TOFASS?

APOGLA’s advocacy is to enhance the Filipino-American youth’s civic-mindedness in our culturally diverse society, while at the same time promoting awareness of the Philippines’ rich culture and traditions.

4. What are the necessary qualifications of a potential TOFASS candidate(s)?

  1. Each candidate must be officially nominated by the high school administrators (i.e. Principal, Asst. Principal and Counselor(s)).
  2. A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.5.
  3. The nomination must be accompanied by an official letter of endorsement from the school, in addition to the following : 1) a properly filled up application form, 2) the nominee’s essay on why he/she deserves to receive the scholarship grant,
    3) the nominee’s Transcript of Records
  4. The nominee must be of Filipino-American descent.
  5. He/she must not be a familial member of APOGLA or any of its project

5. How is the selection process conducted?

The awardees will be screened and chosen by a panel of independent educators, community leaders and public servants with no affiliations with either or both of APOGLA and its project partners.

6. Is TOFASS, being a flagship project of APOGLA, held annually?

Yes. The objective is (and has been since its inception in 2011) to recognize and award scholarship grants annually to the most deserving scholars.

7. How does APOGLA generate funding for TOFASS?

  1. Donations, grants and subsidies from :
    • Private individuals (the general public and APOGLA members)
    • Other charitable institutions (Public and Private 501-C3 organizations)
    • Corporations and business entities (USA and the rest of the world)
    • Government institutions.

    N.B. Please refer to APOGLA FAQ.

  2. Other fund raising projects conducted by APOGLA for this purpose.

TOFASS Mailing Address:

  23714 Red Oak Court,
  Newhall CA 91321

Contact by Email:


Contact by phone:

  (661) 317-1713
  (562) 921-5116
  (909) 904-4372

Contact APOGLA:

  31 Newburn Court, Beaumont CA 92223

NOTE: Please send your donations to APOGLA
12943 Bordeaux Ct., Moreno Valley, CA 92555