“Any project that will advance people empowerment through quality education is a worthy and noble cause that deserves success for both the beneficiaries and benefactors. For this reason, I heartily confirm my support of the project.” – Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos
“Allow me to reaffirm my support for Alpha Phi Omega’s continuing mission of developing not only our societies, but also the young men and women who will be our next line of leaders. Through such colossal acts of meaningful intervention, Alpha Phi Omega has transformed itself from merely just another campus organization into an established international institution renowned for molding exemplary citizens, good leaders and dynamic communities.” – Philippine Consul General to Los Angeles
Mary Jo A. Bernardo-Aragon
“Your (TOFASS recipients) academic and extra-curricular achievements have demonstrated your ability to attain success in future pursuits. I am confident you will continue to excel as you further your education. I also commend the Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Assn. of Greater Los Angeles in its efforts to promote higher education. Your dedication to the youth in our community is greatly appreciated.” – Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Althea May Alquitran
A graduate of Narbonne High School - Harbor City, CA. Althea was accepted to attend UCLA.
Neil Joachim Borja
North Hollywood - Highly Gifted Magnet School (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Elisha Charnel Marquez
Eagle Rock High School. She was accepted to attend Stanford University.
Dawn A. Rice
A graduate of Mayfair High School.
Albert Francis Tan
A graduate of North Hollywood High School.
Louie Kristina Angeles
A graduate of Mayfair High School. She was accepted to attend Cal State Long Beach.
Jocelyn Kate Castro
Mendez Learning Center. She was accepted to attend UCLA.
Rae Adrian Obnimaga
North Hollywood High School. He was accepted to attend Cal State Northridge.
Justin N. Sao
A graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School.
Frederick Jan Velez
A graduate of Los Angeles School of Global Studies. He was accepted to attend LA Valley College.